Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Started

Every project has to have a beginning point...and today's just as good as any to begin...

...actually this journey began a few years back.  It all started when I became acquainted with a group of women who were also homeschooling their kids.  This particular group of women started a reading group for the school-aged girls, to read the book Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

I only knew one of the mothers of the group, but my two daughters were interested in getting together with other girls, and my description of the book led them to believe that they wanted to read it too.  (Be careful here, moms, if you didn't read Little Women when you were 9, chances are good, your 9-year-old isn't going to understand all the finer points of that story...just a suggestion.)

One of the ladies in the group came well prepared.  She and her two daughters had 3-ring binders that had a clear piece of plastic that allowed them to slip a paper inside the front and back covers and a more narrow one along the spine.  They had put their names on these papers, and decorated them in such a nice way that I knew I was destined to make friends with this mom.  Her name is Trish, and we did, indeed, become friends.

I'll have to see if I still have a picture of that notebook.  Even if I don't I'll be posting pics of similar notebooks, because I became a 3-ring binder nut!  I have dozens of them around holding projects, recipes, patterns, plans, planting guides, you name it, I've got it organized and in a binder.  All thanks to this little group of Little Women who changed my life.

Here's my very first decorated notebook.  I've gone on to make a multitude of 3-ring binders in this manner ever since, but you DO have to start somewhere, don't you?
And I'm off and 3-ring binder will ever be boring or naked again!

More later...


Auntie Kit

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