Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do Something Nice for Yourself

One of the ways I like to rejuvenate myself is to treat myself as if I were company.

Due to my husband's recent motorcycle accident and subsequent broken leg, we've had to change our routine in a major way.  For the first six weeks of his recovery he had to work from home and was confined either to a wheelchair or using a walker...no crutches for this guy!  The trick is that he must keep all weight off his leg.  You could lose balance a little with crutches...

...I told him he's the bionic man, but he doesn't seem to feel much like one.  He doesn't remember the real bionic man taking 3 months to heal enough to put weight on his limbs.  Maybe we watched different shows.

Anyway, this is his first week back to work, mostly part-time, but back to work.  Again, I'm alone during the day, and today I turned on music that I love, prepared a wonderful meal of leftovers (stuffed shells with marinara sauce...OMG do I love that!) and read for half an hour.

While I was eating I realized that I was feeding myself in two ways: spiritually and physically.  I haven't been feeding myself spiritually for a while.  It's time to break out the china tea cups and treat myself the way I want to be treated.

I many need to pull out my favorite scone recipe and show you how to make that!

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