Sunday, October 3, 2010

Decorating My Office

Hope whispers Trust

(The tag is missing on the winter fairie)

Bliss whispers Love
We've lived in our new home now for about 18 months. I did paint my office a beautiful "Pond" color...the Eddie Bauer line at Lowe's. A great change from the typical white that I found to be completely uninspiring.

Now, I'm pulling out a few items that make me smile when I look at them. Here are three fairies that I have from the Oregon artist, Colleen Sohn at Canterbury Lane.

Aren't these beautiful?

I adore dolls, and especially love fairies. These are beautifully homespun, and I adore them. I find them to be inspiring, when the rest of the world is working in HTML, and CSS and RSS, and CMS, etc.

 Now, when I need inspiration I listen for the whisper of the fairies and once again there is a smile back on my face and I'm moving forward.


Auntie Kit

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